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Legal notice

Terms and conditions

In accordance with the law, the following is the identification data of the company that owns the domain “www.hotellesrotesdenia.com”:

  • Corporate Name: Marti Roig Hotels S.L.
  • Tax ID: B53407813
  • Registered Office: C/ Pintor Llorens, 3 431584 Denia, Alicante
  • Telephone: (+34) 965780323
  • E-mail address: comercial@mrhotelsdenia.com

The user is solely responsible for the use of the services, links and hypertext included on this website. “Marti Roig Hotels S.L.” is not responsible for the illegitimate use that third parties may make of said material.

Nor “Marti Roig Hotels S.L.” or any other party involved in the creation, production or supply of this website will be responsible for the damages, costs, losses or direct responsibilities nor the indirect or punitive unforeseen events that could occur due to the access or use of this website.

“Marti Roig Hotels S.L.” does not guarantee the accuracy of the material contained on this website. Also, “Marti Roig Hotels S.L.” will not be responsible for the damages or virus that could infect your computer or any other device of yours due to the use or download of any material on the website.

Privacy Policy

“Marti Roig Hotels S.L.” informs you that all the personal data received through any form on this website will be handled with the most strict confidentiality in accordance with the entity’s privacy policy as well as with the Data Protection Law. This data will be included in a file which is registered at the Registro General de la Agencia de Protección de Datos (General Registry of the Data Protection Agency). The main purpose of its creation, existence and maintenance is the handling of personal data with the objective of being able to manage the accommodation bookings that are made on this website. The recipients of this information are all assigned, registered, holders and contributors of all the departments and associated bodies in which the entity is organised, as well as the official bodies that require the assignment by law. Through the submission of the form, the sender agrees to the automated and documentary data processing of the details included on our database. “Marti Roig Hotels S.L.” informs you that you have the right to access, modify and cancel your details as well as to notify any alteration or modification which may occur. To exercise such rights and any clarification, you can send an e-mail to: comercial@mrhotelsdenia.com


All the audio-visual material, trademarks or any element subject to intellectual or industrial property included on this website belongs to , “Marti Roig Hotels S.L.” or has enough rights for its use. The reproduction of said material is only allowed exclusively for personal use and any unauthorised modification, copy, rental, loan, transmission or diffusion is strictly prohibited.

Registration Details in the (Spanish) Central Mercantile Register: inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Alicante, tomo 2266, folio 202, hoja 55428.

Terms & Conditions of the website www.hotellesrotesdenia.com

1.- Subject

These terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms & Conditions”) regulate the access and use of the website under the domain www.hotellesrotesdenia.com (hereinafter, the “Website”), owned by “MARTÍ ROIG HOTELS S.L.” (hereinafter, “Hotel les Rotes)”), put at the users’ disposal (hereinafter, the “User/s”).

For any questions or queries related to the use and access of the Website or to these Terms & Conditions, you can write an email with your request and contact details to comercial@mrhotelsdenia.com. You can also contact us via ordinary mail, addressing your request and contact details to “MARTI ROIG HOTELS S.L., Calle Pintor Llorens 3, 03700 Denia (Alicante)”.

2.- Acceptance of the present Terms & Conditions.

The use of the Website implies the full acceptance by the User of all applicable Terms & Conditions at the time the User accesses it. If the User does not agree with any of the terms and conditions established herein, he must abstain from using this Website.

Consequently, the User must carefully read the Terms & Conditions each time he plans to use the Website.

In any case, Hotel les Rotes) reserves the right to modify, without any notice and at any time, these Terms & Conditions as well as their configuration, location and other general or specific terms, conditions of use, instructions or notifications which may apply. Hotel les Rotes) also reserves the right to suspend, discontinue or stop operating the Website at any time.

“Website use” is understood to be all Users who access and browse the Website, regardless of whether they fill in the registration form.

3.- Terms of access and use of the website and its contents.

Access to the Website and/or its contents does not imply any guarantee in regards to their suitability for the User’s private or specific purposes.

Hotel les Rotes) may establish limitations and/or additional conditions for the use and/or access to the Website and/or its contents, which must be observed by the Users at all times.

3.1- Website access and use

Unless otherwise stated, the use of the Website is free, notwithstanding the cost of the Internet connection through the corresponding network hired by the User.

The User acknowledges being over the age of 18 and is also aware and voluntarily and expressly accepts that the use of the Website is carried out solely and exclusively under his responsibility.

The User agrees to comply with these Terms & Conditions as well as with any special warnings or instructions included in the Website, and to always act in a lawful and decent manner and in good faith, paying full attention and taking into account the nature and considerations of the services provided. In respect thereof, the User shall abstain from using the Website in any way which may prevent, damage or deteriorate its normal functioning, the goods or rights of Hotel les Rotes) and those of its providers, distributors, other Users and any third party in general.

More specifically, and without any restrictions to the obligations generally undertaken by the User in regards to the agreement of the previous section, the User, whilst using the Website, agrees to:

a) not introduce, store or disseminate via the Website any information or material which is defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, pornographic or which advocates terrorism, incites violence or race, gender, ideological or religious discrimination of any kind; or infringes upon good manners, public order, fundamental rights, public freedom, honour, privacy or third-party images and, in general, applicable law.

b) not introduce, store or disseminate via the Website any computer programme, data, virus, code or any other electronic or physical instrument or device which can cause damage to it and to any services, devices, systems or networks of Hotel les Rotes) or those of any User, provider or distributor of Hotel les Rotes) or any third party in general; or is capable to causing any alteration or prevents their normal functioning.

c) not introduce, store or disseminate via the Website any content which infringes upon intellectual or industrial property, third-party rights or any other content to which he does not have the legal right to provide to third parties.

3.2- Content access and use

The Website contents are put at the User’s disposal with information from internal and third-party sources.

Hotel les Rotes) intends for all contents to be of the highest possible quality and are reasonably updated but does not guarantee their utility, accuracy, comprehensiveness, relevance and/or updated status.

4.- Intellectual and industrial property rights

Via these Terms & Conditions, no intellectual or industrial property rights of the Website or any of its integrating elements is transferred, and it is expressly prohibited for the User to reproduce, transform, distribute, publicly communicate, provide, extract, reuse, resend or make any kind of use, through any channel or procedure, any of them, unless it is legally permitted or the User is in possession of an authorisation signed by the rights’ owners.

The User may visualise and obtain a temporary private copy of the contents exclusively for his own private and personal use on his computer systems (software and hardware), as long as it is not for commercial or professional purposes. The User must abstain from obtaining or trying to obtain the contents via channels or procedures other than those provided to him or intended for this purpose or regularly used on the Internet (as long as the latter do not entail a risk of damage or disablement of the Website). The User must always respect all of the Website’s intellectual and industrial property rights owned by Hotel les Rotes) or third parties.

4.1.- Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability in regards to Website functioning

Hotel les Rotes) does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website’s functioning and of the services or contents provided therein, nor that the existing content on its Website is updated, and shall not be held responsible for any damages of any kind which may result from these circumstances.

Hotel les Rotes) shall carry out, as long as there are no circumstances which make it impossible or difficult to execute and as soon as it is aware of errors, shutdowns and/or outdated contents, all the works which repair the errors, re-establish communication and/or update the aforementioned contents.

Furthermore, Hotel les Rotes) does not guarantee the technical reliability of its Website nor the access to its different pages, thus being exonerated from any liability for damages of any kind that may result from these circumstances.

Also, Hotel les Rotes) shall not be held responsible for any potential security errors or deficiencies which may occur from the use of an outdated or insecure version of a browser by the User, or for any damages, errors or inaccuracies which may derive from its malfunction.

With the purpose of reducing the risk of introduction of viruses on the Website, virus-detection software is used to control all contents added to the Website. However, Hotel les Rotes) does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the Website introduced by third parties unrelated to Hotel les Rotes) which may cause alterations to the User’s physical or logical systems or to electronic documents and files stored on his systems. Consequently, Hotel les Rotes) shall not be held responsible for any potential damages of any kind which may result from the presence of a virus or any other element which may cause alterations to the User’s physical or logical systems, electronic documents or files.

Hotel les Rotes) adopts different protective measures to safeguard the Website, obtained data and contents against third-party cyberattacks. However, Hotel les Rotes) does not guarantee that unauthorised third parties will not have access to the type of Website use or browsing made by the User or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which it is carried out. Consequently, Hotel les Rotes) shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for any damages caused by the aforementioned unauthorised access.

Hotel les Rotes) shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for the use that Users and/or third parties may make of the Website or its contents nor for the damages which may derive from it.

4.2.- Disclaimer of warranty and liability in regards to Website contents

Hotel les Rotes) does not edit contents from third parties published on the Website and, therefore, it does not guarantee nor can be held responsible for their level of legality, veracity, accuracy, comprehensiveness and updated status, or for the contents owned by Hotel les Rotes). Hotel les Rotes) cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for any damages which may result from: (i) lack of legality, veracity, accuracy, comprehensiveness and/or updated status of its own contents and those owned by third parties; (ii) the inadequacy for any purpose and the disappointment of any expectations generated by the contents; (iii) decisions or actions taken or avoided by the User relying on the information or details supplied or included in the contents, including, but not limited to, the loss of profit or business opportunities.

5.- Hyperlinks

Those individuals who wish to establish hyperlinks between their website and the Website must observe and comply with the following conditions:

i) No prior authorisation shall be necessary when the hyperlink only allows access to the Website’s home page, any reproduction of which is strictly prohibited. Any other type of hyperlink shall require an express and unequivocal written authorisation by Hotel les Rotes).

ii) The website where the hyperlink is established can only contain the minimum necessary to identify the hyperlink’s destination.

iii) The website where the hyperlink is established must not contain information or contents which are illegal, immoral or against generally accepted principles and public order, nor any contents which are against any third-party rights.

iv) Hotel les Rotes) reserves the right to block any hyperlink which directs to the Website without an express prior authorisation despite complying with the conditions stated in the previous point of these Terms & Conditions.

6.- Actions in the event of breach

Hotel les Rotes) reserves the right to take any legally available action to hold the User liable for actions that breach any of the provisions mentioned in these Terms & Conditions of the Website.

7.- Severability

Any of the clauses contained in these Terms & Conditions which is declared void, unenforceable or ineffective shall not invalidate the validity or efficiency of the remaining provisions contained herein, which shall still be binding between the parties.

8.- Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by Spanish Law.

In the event of any controversy related to the conditions of use and access of this Website contained herein, the parties submit themselves to the Courts of Denia, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction which they may be entitled to, unless otherwise determined by legal requirement.

9.- Notifications

For the purpose of any timely notifications, Hotel les Rotes) designates as its registered office the address stated in the Legal Notice.

The email address provided by the User during the registration process on the Website shall be the one used by Hotel les Rotes) for any notifications sent to the User.

The User is obliged to maintain his contact details, referred to in this clause, duly updated for notification purposes.

All notifications sent by Hotel les Rotes) to the User shall be considered as valid if they include the correct details and are sent through the aforementioned channels. Hotel les Rotes) shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by a breach in the User’s obligation to maintain his contact details duly updated.

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